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Dutch Oven Cook-Off Information

IDOS would like to extend our appreciation to those throughout the world that take time from their personal schedules to organize and run Dutch Oven cook-offs. Cook-offs are one of many ways to share our love for cooking in the Dutch Oven with others and we encourage all those interested to get involved and participate.

IDOS only runs one cook-off each year and that is the "International Dutch Oven Society's World Championship Cook-Off' (IDOS WCCO). Sometimes this competition is accompanied by additional semi-final or last chance cook offs. IDOS also maintains the governing rules for the IDOS WCCO and publishes a set of rules for those organizing competitions in their local areas that will qualify their competition to be sanctioned by IDOS. IDOS sanctioning means that your cook offs' first place winners are eligilble to attend and compete in the IDOS WCCO.

Anyone interested in organizing and holding a Dutch oven cook-off in their area and who wish to be sanctioned can print a copy of our cook off packet, links are listed below, which contains advice to help you set up and organize your cook off, what will have to be done to be sanctioned by IDOS, and how your winners apply to participate in the world championship cookoff. This packet also contains the rules for the IDOS WCCO for your reference.

Cook-Off Information Packets

New Info Packet

Former Info packet
2006 and older

2014 IDOS WCCO Registration Form

2014 IDOS WCCO Rules

2014 IDOS WCCO Team Packet

Section I

Introduction Letter

Section II

How to Organize a Dutch Oven Cook Off.

Section III

What is and How to Become an IDOS-Sanctioned Cook-Off.

Sanctioned Cook off Rules and Regulations

Cook Off Questionnaire

Section IV

Process of Qualification for IDOS World Championships

IDOS World Championship Cook Off Rules 2006

IDOS World Championship Cook Off Etiquette

IDOS World Championship Qualification Information Form

Appendix B – Judging Guidelines

Basic Field Judging Guidelines

Basic Food Judging Guidelines

Basic Field Judging Form

Field Judging Form with feedback

Fileld Judging Form without feedback

Basic Food Judging Form

Food Judging Form with feedback

Food Judging Form without feedback

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